Wii Parental Control

Wii Parental Control is a computer time management program.


Wii Parental Control is a computer time management program that helps parents strictly control when and for how long their children can use their computers or be on the Internet. This program allows parents to set time limits for each user by creating individual accounts. When time is up, the user is automatically logged out and cannot get back on until next permitted time is arriving. Also Wii Parental Control offers parents another important feature that lets parents control when the children can be on the internet.
It can block specified programs, websites, and even all types of Internet connection including dialup modem, high-speed cable and DSL. Parents takes advantage of this helpful feature to monitor children's Internet activities effectively. Wii Parental Control supports multiple user accounts for each child, which allows children to change login password themselves and stop arguments between them if your family have several child. Key Features:
Setting up as many user accounts as required; Managing at what time and for how much time your children are allowed to access the computer/internet;
Allow users to set rules to manage computer and provide a number of time settings to meet different needs; Offer two time options: Parents can define a specific time period or an accumulated time amount; Blocking capability for all types of Internet connection (eg. dialup modem, high-speed cable and DSL); Block the specified programs and websites; Monitor the activities of Internet Explorer and File Navigate.


Wii Parental Controlの対応動作環境
ソフト名:Wii Parental Control
動作OS:Windows XP/Me/2000/98
種類:シェアウェア :$39.90
作者: Mei Ai 









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